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Bangladesh act to improve factory conditions

Bangladesh, the world’s second largest garment producing country will digitally map its entire garment industry to bring transparency to the supply chain in an effort to stop abuses.

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Asia air peak

Act now to safeguard your Asian supply chain

The Asia peak season is expected to be the biggest for years, which will inevitably lead to congestion, delays and rate increases at the ports and airports. You need to act now to protect your supply chain performance.

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The New Carrier Alliances AND your free infographic

No shipping line- not even Maersk! – can afford to buy and operate all the vessels they would need to offer weekly sailings to every port they serve – Hence the New Shipping Alliances.

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Asia peak shipping season imminent

School holidays and vacations are top of mind for many of us in July, but for those working in the supply chain (and particularly retail) this month marks the beginning of the manic time that is peak season.

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COSCO will become the 3rd largest carrier with bid for OOCL

Just weeks after HAPAG-LLOYD merged with UASC to create the 5th largest carrier, COSCO will become the 3rd largest global carrier with its offer to acquire OOCL.

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Hapag-Lloyd / UASC merger

5th largest global carrier created by Hapag-Lloyd / UASC merger

HAPAG-LLOYD’s merger with UASC has created the fifth-largest liner shipping company in the world, with a combined fleet of 230 vessels and a capacity of 1.6 million boxes.

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Bogsolof volcano disruption

Alaskan volcano eruption disrupting Asia flights

Air freight space from Asia to the US and UK is contracting as operators avoid volcanic ash, resulting in flight disruption and cancellation.

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Why shipping commoditisation is bad for you

Does creating the new shipping alliances that control 97% of the worlds most important trade lane protect the shipping industry from commoditisation, or is it too late to reverse.

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Asia shipping monopoly

The new shipping monopoly

With the new shipping alliances controlling 97% of available capacity from Asia to Europe, it is going to be harder than ever for ordinary shippers to get the best rates and service.

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Lines under pressure and lines merge

In just one day the world’s biggest shipping lines are criticised for ongoing port congestion in china and then announce the creation of another alliance.

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