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Sri Lanka Granted GSP Plus Status by EU

Already a regular inclusion on many apparel buyers order book, the Sri Lankan textile sector has been given a significant boost with the EU granting it GSP Plus (GSP+) status as of Friday.

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Asia contract prices skyrocket!

The largest importers from Asia have had to accept a doubling of their long-term rates, while those who delayed negotiations in the hope of more favourable conditions have instead been hit with an additional 10% increase on top!

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Brexit survey UK EU flags

Brexit survey uncovers shocking results

Firms in the UK and Europe are preparing new supply chains and seeking new suppliers ahead of Brexit, CIPS survey finds

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Myanmar and Bangladesh congestion

More congestion threatens fashion supply chains

Increasingly popular textile sourcing origins in Southeast Asia look likely to face increasing port congestion as Ramadan and public holidays start to impact operations from later this month.

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Learn from Hanjin to avoid supply chain risk

Why, if Hanjin Shipping’s collapse was anticipated far in advance, did it have such a profoundly negative impact on global supply chains and how can you protect yours in the future.

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Shippers’ Council fear continuing capacity crisis

Shippers council to set up observer group to monitor shipping line performance amid continuing export sea freight capacity crisis

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New shipping alliances

The new shipping alliances landscape

The new shipping alliances launched on the 1st April 2017, heralding significant changes and prompting many questions: With no competition on the main Asia Europe routes, will the lines push prices up; or with more sailings and new vessels joining, will congestion end and prices come down?

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Asia shipping congestion

Asia space shortage could soon be over

If it’s not been caused by blanked sailing and it’s not a sign if changing trading pattern what has caused the unprecedented Eastbound and Westbound vessel congestion and more importantly when will it end??

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EU ready to reimpose €790M airline fine

European Union regulators are getting ready to fine airlines $850 million for operating a cargo cartel that had been rejected by an EU appeal court. And the Airlines’ failure to reach a settlement could cause cost them more.

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Fashion will build a global Britain

Last year the UK fashion sector outpaced the rest of the economy, contributing over £28bn to the UK economy. It has a critical role is supporting the UK now and through Brexit.

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