Bad weather update

The ongoing UK bad weather is impacting road, air and sea transport, with container terminals particularly badly affected.

You will doubtless have seen news reports on how the weather is deteriorating road conditions, which are consequently extremely challenging (and dangerous) in many areas. Our transport team and drivers are doing all they can to maintain service levels during this difficult time and we would seek your understanding should they slip.

London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports are currently experiencing some flight delays and cancellations, but overall major airports have maintained operations.

The UK’s container terminals have been particularly affected by the heavy snow and high winds, with many not receiving or releasing containers since Monday.

London Gateway

London Gateway

The following ports remain closed at this time, and with Storm Emma currently transiting the British Isles, are not expected to open before the weekend.

London Gateway

Rail operations to and from the above are also impacted, with no trains operating due to the port suspensions.

Whilst these developments are out of our control, we apologise for the inevitable delays and headaches that the extreme weather is causing.

We are monitoring developments closely and will do all we can to return service levels to normal at the earliest opportunity.