China’s New Advance Manifest Rules

In further efforts to improve their ability to detect suspicious shipments prior to their physical arrival in China, The General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC) has adjusted the advanced manifest rules for import and exports, effective from the 1st June 1, 2018. 

MIQ Logistics will be working with our customers to avoid any delays by adhering to the new requirements and transmitting all required electronic data to China Customs prior to arrival or departure of air and sea shipments. 

We provide further detail below, but to summarise, the information required includes:

  • Manifest submissions must be made 24 hours prior to loading for all vessels arriving/departing mainland China ports
  • Four hours prior to landing for inbound flights
  • Four hours prior to loading onto outbound flight
  • The cargo description must be complete and accurate
  • Full contact details of the shipper and consignee (or notify party) are mandatory

These changes, which became effective on 1st June, will result in some changes to the way we complete and issue bills of lading for air and sea freight.GACC

Our operation teams will contact you directly, if we need to request information relating to these changes.

The additional data elements required in documentation include:

  • Shipper’s company code (Registered, VAT no)
  • Shipper’s phone number
  • Consignee’s company name
  • Consignee’s company code (your buyer will need to provide this to you)
  • Consignee’s phone number
  • Name of contact person for Consignee
  • Phone number for contact person for Consignee
  • Notify Party’s company name
  • Notify Party’s phone number

Currently, the Chinese Customs authorities have not announced consequences for missing, wrong, or late filings. However, some carriers have announced that the failure to comply with this new regulation will result in either the non-shipment of cargo from port of loading, or the risk of cargo being held or rejected by the Chinese Customs authorities. In either case, any potential additional costs will be assessed to the account of the Shipper, regardless of the Incoterms being used for said shipment.

We will keep you posted when further developments regarding implementation of the regulation are available. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact your account manager, or via our web site.