MIQ support driver and truck security standards

With MIQ Logistics trailers moving across Europe continuously we strongly support efforts to protect our drivers and customers cargoes, by creating more secure parking places across the continent.

Cargo loss data for 2017 revealed an almost 90% rise in freight thefts from trucks parked in unsecured parking locations. Which underlines the importance of standing instructions to our drivers, and to sub-contracted drivers, to only stop overnight in recognised secure parking areas.

The availability of such facilities has always been limited and demand high, which means that drivers can waste valuable time seeking secure parking.

The Transported Asset Protection Association’s (TAPA), which aims to reduce the number of crimes related to trucks, said that 2,000 cargo crimes from unsecured areas last year accounted for the majority of the €105m of products stolen from supply chains in the EMEA region.

Thorsten Neumann, chairman of TAPA EMEA, said: “Sadly there is no quick fix to tackle the risks drivers and cargoes face when they have to stop in unsecured locations.”

“However, at an industry level, we have to start providing more controlled parking areas that offer improved safety and security, and reduce the need for vehicles to stop in laybys, on industrial estates and at motorway service areas where statistics show they are highly vulnerable to attack.

TAPA reiterated its belief that there are hundreds of professional parking sites in Europe that already meet its security protocols and is encouraging them to apply for TAPA’s Parking Place Operators (PPOs) a free-of-charge certification. It said the need to protect drivers, their cargoes and trucks is increasing demand for more safe and secure parking locations

Demand for controlled parking locations outweighs availability on key routes, which means that PPOs that do meet the TAPA security standard will find a ready-made market.