Working through Brexit

Now that Britain has voted to leave the EU, it is inevitable that we will experience a period of uncertainty as the politicians sort themselves out and we open negotiations on the form of our future relationships with Europe. 

This uncertainty will inevitably lead to a challenging time for business, so maintaining effective supply chains, that strengthen, retain and build market share will be essential.

Although we face some years of uncertainty, one area is reasonably clear; the Customs landscape will not change for at least 2 years.Brexit2

Which means that if you operate Customs procedures, are applying for Customs authorisations, or are planning to implement duty saving procedures, these will continue unhindered.

MIQ Logistics will be working closely with our UK and European trade associations, to lobby on behalf of our customers and protect their interests throughout the negotiation process.

We will monitor progress continuously and advise you of significant developments as they occur.

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